Audio-visual production Films Magic

It all began one day as I was looking up at the stars and decided I had to make something… something creative and imaginative highlighting the values and principles of humanity. For myself and for society.

After a few minutes I reached the conclusion that the best way was to set up an audiovisual production firm, and without giving it a second thought I set to work, investing all the savings I had for my regular life, with complete dedication and without looking back.

That was 7 years ago now, and after studying to be a producer and director, I produced a number of shorts, and a really interesting script which is currently in storage. After doing a number of jobs for video montage companies, the odd concert and documentary, I opted for animation, producing 3 different pilots. And another two that are half-finished.

Having realised how hard it was to find sponsors and investors, I braced myself for one last effort. And I began to create an animation series of 12 chapters lasting 7 minutes, that I christened mikromus.