A university professor who gives lectures. And in his free time has a laboratory at home where he conducts all manner of experiments, whether it be exploring quantum subjects or some profitable invention that he can patent, or even alchemy, as he has an ancient book handed down to him by his grandfather containing an unknown script, so he studies the drawings on the pages to perform his experiments. He is a serious individual of few words. Conventional and imaginative.


Works as an office clerk, dedicated to Marcus and his values and principles. Caring, but if you get on the wrong side of her she has a nasty side. Best not to annoy her. A clean and tidy housewife, she likes things to be done properly.

She likes animals and her favourite colour is orange. She is a real lady, thoroughly dedicated to her household chores and getting on with her local neighbours.


A very humorous and somewhat curious hamster who loves lettuce and nosing about all the rooms along the tubes that run throughout the house. He is also a real sleepyhead. He loves the most insignificant little things, which he sees in his own way, lending him a really distinctive personality.


A perfectly normal chicken until one day a truly remarkable change occurred, turning him into a very different, and intelligent, character. He is creative, caring and a good friend who is really concerned for others, making life more fun for everyone, with his joy and responsibility.


She was a normal spider until one day something extraordinary and unexpected happened to change her. She became super-intelligent. Not only creative, she is also cruel and vengeful, not to mention grudging and treacherous. She likes nothing better than to cause harm. She loves experimenting with creatures and trying out new medicines.

Que ante todo disfruta haciendo daño. Le encanta experimentar con seres y probar nuevos farmacos.

ibot T2

A robot created by Sephilia the spider. She gave him certain abilities that he is unaware of; he is of rather average intelligence. First and foremost he does everything his queen tells him. He does not experience heat or cold and has no feelings or remorse. He is simply a robot that obeys orders. .

ibot K

A robot created by Sephilia the spider. He speaks in a very simple dialect of just sounds and noises, but is rather intelligent. He has no great affection for his colleague or his mistress, as when he was created a number of programming errors caused defects that no one except him realised.